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A concise study on contemporary art in Tanzania / by Yves Goscinny, in collaboration with Elias Jengo. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Embassy of Switzerland in Tanzania, 2016. x, 126 pages illus. (color), bibliog., p. 125). N7397.6.T3 G67 2016 AFA. OCLC 1020286903.

Tanzania is best known for its popular painting, which is the focus of this book. It starts with Tingatinga and the genre of naïve style paintings that he promulgated. Two generations after his demise in 1972, there are ever more painters at work, though it remains a struggle for many to depend on the art market for a livelihood. The book is populated with brief biographies and portraits of two dozen artists—a few of whome are women. Elias Jengo, professor of art at the University of Dar es Salaam, presents the academic side of Tanzanian art. He frames his essay on the patronage and contributions of foreigners and organizations that have contributed to Tanzania’s visual arts.

Art in Tanzania (Exhibition) (2000 : Dar es Salaam). Art in Tanzania 2000: the annual art event: Dar es Salaam / presented by Yves Goscinny, director. Dar es Salaam: East African Movies, 2000. 114pp. illus. (color). N5090.D37A78 2000 AFA. OCLC 84686187.

This is the third annual national art exhibition in Tanzania, which is very much a home-grown low-budge initiative. Thirty artists are featured in the 2000 outing. Several are Tingatinga painters and Makonde sculptors. Others are less readily classified. Most are self-taught artists, which points to Tanzania’s lack of an art school (apart from the sculpture school in Bagamoyo).