Monographs on African Artists an Annotated Bibliography
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Tshyela Ntendu

Langenohl, Kathrin. “Repeat when necessary”: zum Verhälynis von Tradition und Moderne ium malerischen Werk Tshelantendes (Djilatendo), Belgisch-Kongo. Münster: LIT, 2003. 242pp. illus., bibliog. (pp. 227-237). ND2087.6.C63T735 2003 AFA. OCLC 54526721.

The watercolors of Tshyela Ntendu painted in the 1930s in the Congo document a tradition of painting which originated from the local mural painting. A Belgian colonial civil servant initiated the transfer of the mural images to paper. The paintings which illustrate colonial everyday life combined with his own ornamental traditions, confirm the artist’s decision, that he will be not excluded from the discussion regarding changes brought about by colonialism. The paintings captured everyday scenes in the Belgian Congo, but at the same time opened these cultural images to the European gaze.