Age Group: 10 - 12 Years

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    About the book:
    An introductory guide explains why stamps were created, notes their value, and offers advice on setting up, building, and displaying a collection, while relating some of the interesting facts and figures of stamp history.

  • H E Harris and Co. Staff. How to Collect Stamps. Old Greenwich, CT: Whitman Publishing LLC.,1993.
    About the book:
    An introduction to stamps and stamp collecting, with guides to identifying American and foreign stamps, a glossary of terms, and maps.

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    About the book:
    Collect stamps from far-away countries and stamps about famous people, places, and things. Stamp It! Is filled with tons of information, tips, activities, and the tools kids need to get their collections started. Includes • 48 fun stamp activities • Famous stamp facts • Stamp collecting tips • 200 hinges for attaching stamps to the activity pages • Two stock pages for storing special stamps • Plastic zippered pocket.

  • Lucas, Eileen. Our Postal System. Brookfield, CN: Millbrook Press, c1999.
    About the book:
    Explores the history of the United States Postal Service, discussing the processing of mail, postal employees, stamps, and letter writing.

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    About the book:
    The ultimate beginner's guide to the wonderful world of collecting stamps and other fabulously fun stuff from around the world. All kids collect something, this is a book with helpful hints from experts.

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  • Winthrop, Elizabeth. Dear Mr. President – Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Letters from a Mill Town Girl. New York: Winslow Press, 2001.
    About the book:
    Goldman Rubin, Susan. Searching for Anne Frank; Letters from Amsterdam to Iowa. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2003.
    School Library Journal
    Emma Bartoletti, the 12-year-old daughter of Italian immigrants, lives in North Adams, MA. She has badgered her Aunt Dora with so many questions about the Depression that her aunt tells her to write to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and ask him why things are so hard for everyone. So begins a fictional three-year (1933-1936) correspondence between Emma and the president. Through their letters, readers come to understand the effects of the Great Depression on the average family and of the programs the federal government put into place to try to bring the country into a better economic situation. The correspondence provides an easily understood explanation of the times.

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