Biographies of American Seedsmen and Nurserymen Lippincott, Carrie H.–Minneapolis, Minnesota–“Pioneer Seedswoman of America” was the title Lippincott chose for herself.  She started a seed business in 1886 out of the necessity of increasing the family income.  By 1896 the business claimed they had received 150,000 orders.  A quote from a contemporary publication said “the key to her success is prompt service, best seeds, reasonable prices, beautiful flowers, by a woman.”  Most of the lithographs in Lippincott’s catalogs portrayed women or children.  Lippincott’s approach to marketing through her emphasis on a woman-owned company led to at least two other seed firms in Minneapolis beginning business under women’s names.  Their catalogs were also similar in size and illustration.  Lippincott was convinced that men owned these companies.  Her 1899 catalog stated “it is a peculiar thing in this day and age that a man should want to masquerade in woman’s clothing...I do not advise a life of business for any woman when it can be avoided.  It means self-sacrifice...”
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