Biographies of American Seedsmen and Nurserymen Reasoner, Pliny Ward –(1863-1888)–Oneco, Florida–was born in Princeton, Illinois on May 6, 1863.  Reasoner moved to Florida in 1882 and settled near Manatee.  He was joined by his younger brother Egbert N. Reasoner and together they  established the Royal Palm Nurseries under the firm name Reasoner Brothers.  He corresponded with directors of botanic gardens and plant enthusiasts and introduced many tropical and semi-tropical exotics.  He was the horticultural commissioner in charge of the sub-tropical exposition at Jacksonville, Florida, 1887-88.  He was also a commissioner at the Cotton States Centennial Exposition at Atlanta in 1888.  He died of yellow fever September 17, 1888 at the age of 25.  The Reasoner family popularized grafting and distributed many fruit plants (oranges, lemons, mangoes, tamarinds, pineapples and the world’s first pink grapefruit).  They also distributed many ornamentals and exotics such as palms, acacias, and crotons throughout Florida.
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