Biographies of American Seedsmen and Nurserymen Salbach, Carl–(1870-1962)–Berkeley, California–was born on October 1, 1870 near Stockton, California.  He graduated from high school in 1890, and worked on his parents’ farm until 1895.  He then worked for various typewriter firms in Los Angeles and the San Francisco area.  In 1915, he went to the Panama Pacific International Exposition and saw beautiful dahlias and other plants that inspired him to start growing dahlias as a hobby.  He was a member of the Alameda County Floral Society in Oakland and exhibited his dahlias at their annual flower show.  In 1920, he saw Professor Sydney Mitchell’s irises, and later he moved to a home adjoining the Mitchell home.  There he grew dahlias, irises and some gladioli.  He was awarded a medal by the Dahlia Society of California in 1919.  In 1920, he began to issue catalogs, and in 1923 he began to introduce varieties of gladiolus.  He eventually bought Professor Mitchell’s irises and introduced his own varieties about 1932-1933.  The “Salbach Gardens” occupied about four acres.   He died on November 2, 1962.
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