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Century 21 Exhibition: 1962 Seattle, Washington


  • Bernklow, Gary M. "Seattle's Century 21, 1962." Pacific Northwest Forum. 7:1(1994): 68-80.
    Describes the Century 21 Exposition as one of the most successful world's fairs ever: attracted extensive media attention, boosted the local economy, supported urban renewal, and generated a site that could be used for multiple purposes after the fair ended.


  • Schlimgen, Veta R. "Defining Participation and Place: Women and the Seattle World's Fairs of 1909 and 1962." M.A. Thesis: University of Washington, 2000.


  • Duncan, Don. Meet Me at the Center; the Story of the Seattle Center from the Beginnings to the 1962 Seattle World's Fair to the 21st Century. Seattle: Seattle Center Foundation, 1992.

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