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International Cotton Exposition, Atlanta 1881


  • Funderburke, Richard. "An Architect for the New South: The Atlanta Years of Edmund G. Lind, 1882-1893." Georgia Historical Quarterly 81: 1 (1997): 25-51.
    The Cotton Exposition was the event that drew national attention to Atlanta and gave new life to the New South movement. The exposition is also known for drawing talented and enterprising individuals to Atlanta including Edmund Lind. This article focuses primarily on the professional development of Edmund Lind while living in Atlanta after the exposition. Includes drawings.
  • Newman, Harvey K. "Atlanta's Hospitality Businesses in the New South Era, 1880-1900." Georgia Historical Quarterly 80: 1 (1996): 53-76.
    Discusses primarily early hotels such as the Kimball House and businesses like traveling circuses. The impact of prohibition is also addressed. Mention is made of the 1881 Cotton Exposition while the 1895 Cotton Exposition is dealt with in more detail.


  • Newman, Harvey K. Southern Hospitality: Tourism and the Growth of Atlanta. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1999.
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