Modern African Art : A Basic Reading List

Western Africa : Côte d'Ivoire


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Gaudibert, Pierre. "The Beaux-Arts School and the National Art Institute," [and panorama of twenty-six Ivoirien artists and the Vohou Vohou group]. Revue noire (Paris) no. 2: 16-21, September 1991. illus. (color). Text in French and English. fNX1.A1R45 AFA.

The École des Beaux Arts in Abidjan has fallen on hard economic times; money and opportunities are scarce. Much local talent has to emigrate to France and elsewhere to survive. Twenty-six Ivoirien artists are showcased or mentioned, together with illustrations of their works. Also included is a note on the Vohou Vohou ("putting anything and everything together") group.