Biographies of American Seedsmen and Nurserymen Rawson, Warren W.–(1847-1908)–Boston, Massachusetts–was born in Arlington, Massachusetts, January 23, 1847.  He entered into a partnership with his father in a market gardening business in 1867, and in1872 he bought out the business.   He established W. W. Rawson & Co. in 1884 when he bought out the seed house of Everett & Gleason in Boston.  The business continued at the same location until 1897 with Mr. Gleason remaining with the firm for many years.  In 1893, he had a hundred and twenty thousand square feet and fifteen houses devoted to the growing of lettuce and cucumbers in Arlington, Massachusetts.  He shipped over a hundred barrels of lettuce a week to New York in the month of December of that year.  On March 23, 1906 his establishment was destroyed by fire, but within eight days he had the lower floor open for business.  He was a member of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and was vice-president for 1904, and was Chairman of the Vegetable Committee in 1905.    He died August 9, 1908.
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