George Oates

A Conversation with Nancy Gwinn

March 15, 2011
4:00-5:00 p.m.
Baird Auditorium
National Museum of Natural History

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George Oates, Lead for Open Library, and Nancy Gwinn, Director, Smithsonian Institution Libraries, talk about the future of libraries, archives and museums in a digital world.
As Lead for the Open Library at the Internet Archive, George is responsible for the overall site design, project management, grant management, and community development of the program. George was one of the invited "digerati" at the 2009 Smithsonian 2.0 meetings as well as the keynote speaker at the Smithsonian Regents' Dinner. She has been appointed a Research Associate for Smithsonian Institution Libraries in 2011.

Twitter hashtag #LAMfutures

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