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Notes About the 1997 Electronic Edition

The Smithsonian Institution Libraries selected this work, List of Publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology with Index to Authors and Titles, Bulletin 200 (End of Series) (Washington, D.C., 1971), as its second electronic edition from the Bureau of American Ethnology (BAE) publications for its usefulness to the world research community.

For an explanation of the contents, see "Note" [pp. i-ii], written by Clifford Evans, Chairman, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, who concluded, "The appearance of Bulletin 200 brings to an end all publication under the Bureau [of American Ethnology] name." This final listing offers the layman and the professional scholar alike a complete guide to BAE-published research, 1877-1971.

The Smithsonian Institution Libraries has reproduced the original print edition with no editorial changes. References to page numbers are supplied throughout the text in square brackets and will appear in most browsers in red (e.g. <[page 23]>. The "Index to Authors and Titles" includes selected subject listings (place names such as Alaska), selected subjects and topics, and see references. Where a work was noted "in press" or "out of print," we have retained that editorial comment. Readers are cautioned to check the current availability in print or in microfilm of those works since a number have been reprinted by university and trade publishers. Native American accents (diacriticals) which cannot be represented in the technology currently available in HTML are represented by images replicating those in the printed text. These words have links to the bit-mapped image of the relevant line in the printed work. For examples, see [p. 3], [p. 23], and [p. 49].

Barbara J. Smith, Director
Smithsonian Institution Libraries
May 1997

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