Graphical timeline from Smithson to Smithsonian
From Smithson to Smithsonian

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Navigating the Exhibition

To make your visit as enjoyable as possible, there are several ways to navigate the Smithson to Smithsonian online exhibition.

The exhibition is constructed of 8 sections, each composed of several pages (see Site Index for a full list of pages). On the upper left of every page is a list of the sections of the exhibition. Use this list to navigate. The section you are currently viewing is highlighted in red.

Who Was James Smithson?
Sccepting Smithson's Gift
All-American Compromise
The Smithsonian Building
An Institution Emerges
A National Collection
Smithson's Legacy

Clicking on an image in the Graphical Header (see below) which appears on the top of every page will take you to that part of the site index:

Graphical timeline from Smithson to Smithsonian
From Smithson to Smithsonian

Within each section, you can Navigate one page at a time using the Back and icons. This will step you through the exhibition chronologically.

The Toolbar at the bottom of the pages takes you to areas of the online exhibition that provide additional information.

Site 	Index Site Index contains a hyperlinked list of every part of the exhibition. Home This icon will take you back to the opening page of the online exhibition.
Help This icon will take you to this Help page. Bibliography Bibliography of books and articles on the history of the Smithsonian Institution.
Other Resources Online resources about the Smithsonian and its history. Credits & Copyright Acknowledgements and Copyright information.


Digital Images In This Exhibition

There are over 100 downloadable images within the exhibition. These images are designated by the Zoom icon. Click on "Enlargement" to see a larger version of the image. The Smithsonian digital images on this site are copyrighted. For information on the use of images, please visit the Credits & Copyright page.


Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan For secondary school teachers, the Smithsonian Office of Education has prepared three integrated classroom activities for grades 9 through 12 based on this exhibition. These are available at the Lesson Plan icon.


Audio: "Smithsonian Polka" (1855)

Listen to the Smithsonian Polka


Information For People With Disabilities

This online exhibition was designed to incorporate easy accessibility for people with disabilities. Several design factors were used in this web site to allow for improved accessibility. These include:

  • Consistent page layout throughout the site.
  • Text alternate titles for each graphical image.
  • Vertical lists of site links.
  • Combined graphical and text site links.
  • Compatibility with major web browsers.

Listed below are some links to other resources for disabled persons accessing the web.

  • ReadToMe - Free reading tool that can be used as a helper application in Netscape, or used to read other text files.
  • pwWebspeak Web Browser - A browser designed specifically to interact directly with the information on Web pages and to translate the information content into speech.
  • Both UCLA and the University at Dresden provide an HTML to Braille transformation service.


How to Provide Feedback

We welcome your questions and comments about this exhibition. Please email the Smithsonian Institution Libraries at:


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