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Suggestions for further reading and research:

Books about Jules Verne:

Jules Verne. Volker Dehs. Patmos Verlagshaus, Artemis & Winkler: Düsseldorf, 2005.
A modern biography by one of the world’s premier Verne scholars. Currently available only in German.

Jules Verne. Kenneth Allott. The Cresset press: London, [1940].

Jules Verne, The Biography of an Imagination. George H. Waltz. H. Holt and Co.: New York, 1943.

Jules Verne. Marguerite Allotte de la Fuye. Staples: London, 1954.

Jules Verne, Prophet of a New Age. Marguerite Allotte de la Fuye. Coward-McCann: New York, 1956.

Jules Verne: Master of Science Fiction. I.O. Evans. Sidgwick and Jackson: London: 1956.

Jules Verne: The Man Who Invented the Future. Franz Born. Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1964
Translated from the German by: Juliana Biro. Illustrated by Peter P. Plasencia.

Jules Verne and His Work. I.O. Evans. ARCO: London, 1965.

Jules Verne: a Biography by Jean Jules-Verne .Taplinger Publishing Company: New York, 1976. Translated and adapted by: Roger Greaves

The Jules Verne Companion. Peter Haining. Souvenir Press: London, 1978.

Jules Verne: The Man Who Invented Tomorrow. Peggy Teeters. Walker and Company: New York, 1992.

The History of Verne's novels as published in English:

The Jules Verne Encyclopedia. Brian Taves & Stephen Michaluk, Jr. Scarecrow Press: Lanham, Md, 1996.

Science Fiction Studies, March 2005. The entire issue devoted to research on Verniana.

The most accurate translations of Verne's most popular novels:

20,000 Leagues under the Sea, the most critical translation by Rick Walter with additional commentary by Walter Miller. The Walter translation is also available on Project Gutenberg.

20,000 Leagues under the Seas, Oxford University Press: Oxford, 1998
Newly translated with an Introduction and Notes by William Butcher.

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas: Unicorn Publishing House:1988.
The original translation of Lewis Mercier with errors and omissions corrected by Ron Miller. Republished as a POD reprint on www.lulu.com.

From the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon: Heritage Press: New York, 1970.
The original translation of Lewis Mercier with the errors and missing parts restored and corrected by Harold Salemson.

The Mysterious Island, translated by Sidney Kravitz.
Wesleyan University Press: (February 1, 2002). The first complete translation of this famous novel.

Around the Moon, restored, edited and annotated by Norman Wolcott and Christian Sanchez, 2004.
In this version the Lewis Mercier translation is used with the corrections, restorations, and annotations indicated in red text. In addition the original metric and antique units used by Verne are restored. Extensive notes are provided with a glossary of Victorian words.

A Journey to the Interior of the Earth, translated by Frederick Amadeus Malleson, Wordsworth Classics, 199?. A Victorian translation still one of the best.

Annotated editions of Verne:

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. Corrected, edited and annotated by Walter J. Miller. Crowell: New York, 1976. 150 contemporary illustrations. Restored and partially corrected from the translation of Lewis Mercier.

From the Earth to the Moon. Translated and annotated by Walter J. Miller. Crowell: New York, 1978. 115 contemporary illustrations.

Around the Moon, edited by Norman Wolcott and Christian Sanchez; noted above.

New books never before translated from the French:

Invasion of the Sea , translated by Edward Baxter.
Wesleyan University Press: 1st edition (December 1, 2001)

The Mighty Orinoco , translated by Stanford Luce.
Wesleyan University Press:1st English edition (January 1, 2003)

Websites with material of interest; maps, illustrations, and complete texts: