Revisiting the World’s Fairs and International Expositions:
A Selected Bibliography, 1992-2004

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This bibliography supplements one compiled in 1994 by Bridget Burke, entitled “World’s Fairs and International Expositions: Selected References 1987-1993”. It was published in Fair Representations: World’s Fairs and the Modern World, edited by Robert W. Rydell and Nancy E. Gwinn, in the European Contributions to American Studies, vol. 27, Amsterdam: VU University Press, 1994. For this update, we’ve primarily gathered secondary materials published between 1992 and spring 2004. However, we also found and included several new entries for pre-1992 materials.

We gathered citations from many sources, including online databases: Academic Search Premier, America: History and Life, History of Science and Technology, Historical Abstracts, and Dissertation Abstracts. We discovered other works searching online bibliographic catalogs, such as: OCLC and RLIN. We included citations we got through informal scholarly meetings, book reviews, journal footnotes, and advertisements. We’ve also included citations from Web page resources, and we took advantage of increased publishing on this subject.

We’ve included citations to individual fairs and to “General World's Fair Materials”. Entries are subdivided by publication type: monographs, articles, dissertations, and web sites. We did not include contemporary newspaper and magazine articles, conference proceedings, fictional works, or audio / video recordings. However, we have included some non-English materials. As with Burke’s bibliography, annotations are descriptive, not critical.
For further information on the bibliographic selections, the entire Smithsonian Institution bibliographic catalog can be searched.

Compiled by:

  • Bridget Burke, 1992 (original compilation)
  • Cathy Serafica, 1999
  • Martha Higgins, 2004

April 2005

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