Taxonomic Literature II

.: Download TL-2 Data files

The raw data for TL-2 is available in two formats: Text and XML. Contained in the zip file below are two folders of information, one for each format. In each folder are 15 files named by TL-2 Volume or Supplemental Volume (e.g., TL_2_Vol_2.txt or TL_2_Suppl_7.xml).

The text files are separated by "PAGE" and "HEADING" headers and correspond to the pages of content in the volumes that contain botanist information. Introductory and auxillary content is not provided. The two indexes in each volume are also included in both Text and XML files, however they are unparsed in the XML files and may be of limited use.

The XML files are structured according to the provided taxonomic-literature.xsd. Generally, Authors contain Sections of unparsed information and Titles of publications. Author names are not parsed into subfields, whereas Titles of publications are nominally separated into subfields.

Please be aware that as we continue to parse this data that these files are subject to change in the future. The version number and date are included on this page to assist you in identifying when new content is available.

TL-2 Raw Data
Version 1.2
January 23, 2013
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README and Release Notes

.: TL-2 Author Data

We also offer an export of the 9,914 author entries in TL-2. The fields included are:

Important note: Some authors are duplicated and will have an asterisk (*) beside the second entry. This is due to TL-2 having been released with supplemental volumes that added missing authors or expanded upon authors that were included in the original volumes. We have chosen to keep these entries separate due to the expanded descriptions the supplemental authors seem to have. In these cases, the TL-2 Abbreviation of the original entry (wthout the asterisk) is assumed to be identical to that of the supplemental entry (with the asterisk).

The Authors file is sorted by TL-2 Abbreviation.

TL-2 Author Data
Version 1.0
December 3, 2020
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