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The search engine of TL-2 operates in two different ways: A full-text keyword search and an advanced search more specific to the structure of TL-2. Tips for searching in each are listed below.

Keyword Search

This searches on words or word fragments. For example, "plant" will find "plants" or "novelty" will find "novelties". It is important to remember that this search requires whole words. "pla" will not find "plant" or "plan". Wildcards such as ? or * cannot yet be used in this form of searching.

Advanced Search

The advanced search does not use wildcards, either, but includes them for you automatically in some cases as listed below.

(* Updated June 28, 2012)


For the keyword search, the results are included in order of relevance and include highlighted portions of the text that included the found keywords.

For the advanced search, the matching author or authors is returned with the matching publications listed below each author.

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