Chasing Venus: Observing the Transits of Venus 1631-2004
What is a Transit of Venus?
Discovering the Transits: The 1631 and 1639 Transits
Measuring the Universe: The 1761 and 1769 Transits
New Possibilities: The 1874 and 1882 Transits
The Transits of 2004 and 2012
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Chasing Venus Teacher Resource Page
This is a set of exercises and lesson plans designed for teachers of a variety of grade levels to accompany and enrich the study and discussion of the June 2004 Transit of Venus.
This all-encompassing website prepared by Chuck Bueter will guide you to instructions for safe viewing; interactive education and hands-on activities; global observing programs for students; background information and tutorials; insights into historical endeavors and the adventures of explorers; the role of spacecraft and the search for extra-solar planets; and many miscellaneous items relating to the transit of Venus.

Sun-Earth Day 2004
The NASA Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum hosts this website. The annual Sun-Earth Day for 2004 has selected the transit of Venus as this year's theme. Opportunities are available to prepare for the viewing of the event. This website has been developed to provide the necessary resources and opportunities for participation in our fourth Sun-Earth Day. The goal is to involve as much of the student population and the public in this event as possible and to help them understand the immense importance and excitement surrounding this and previous transits. Through engaging activities focused on US and world history, music, technology, math, and astronomy, classrooms and museums can create their own event or participate in one of the opportunities the Forum makes available.

2004 and 2012 Transits of Venus
This website, prepared by Fred Espenak of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, will let you know if and when you can see the 2004 and 2012 transits.

Transit of Venus Bibliography
R.H. van Gent of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands has prepared this extensive bibliography of original sources relating to transits of Venus, with links to many of the original publications.