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Decotter, G. André. Panorama de la peinture mauricienne. [Rose-Hill, Mauritius]: Éditions de l'Océan Indien, [1986]-1989. 2 volumes. illus. (pt. color). ND1099.5.M38D43 1986X AFA. OCLC 16353673.

Volume 1: The painters of Mauritius, discussed and illustrated here, are those who flourished from 1925 to 1975. Decotter is thus giving an historical view of the development and evolution of modern painting in this island country, although he also covers earlier periods of French colonization and influence, when Mauritian painting falls squarely within European traditions. His central theme revolves around the question as to whether there is such a thing as "un art mauricien." Some of the earlier generations of painters he treats are Max Boullé, Gaëtan de Rosnay, Marcel Lagesse, Philippe de la Hogue-Rey and Jac Desmarais. Of later generations, he discusses, among others, Hervé Masson, Serge Constantin, Moorthy Nagalingum, Roger Charoux, and Malcolm de Chazal. He rounds out the survey with a discussion of the younger painters, whose new spirit marks a departure from earlier generations.

Volume 2: The second part of the survey treats the recent period 1976 to 1986, beginning with the necrology of the departed luminaries of the older generation and ending with tributes to still active survivors of that generation (also covered in Volume 1). The main spotlight, however, shines on those painters flourishing or emerging in the decade under review. Among those discussed are Claude Béthuel, Jeanne Gerval-Arouff, Stina Spangenberg-Bécherel, Philip Kelly, Harold Louis, Ismet Ganti, Khalid Nazroo, Said Arniff Hossanee. Also discussed are colorists Véronique Leclézio and Henry R. Koombes; watercolorists Marie Rogers, Monique de la Valleé Poussin, Fabien Cango, Genevi?ve Leclézio, Jocelyn Thomasse, Tulsi Joymungul, Vynaud Dausoa; landscape painters Yves David, Serge François, Ernest Wiéhé; graphic artists and illustrators. Finally, Decotter explores the advantages and disadvantages of group exhibitions and the role of art institutions (galleries, schools, cultural centers) in fostering and promoting the arts in Mauritius.

Decotter, G. André. Port-Louis, visions d'artistes. Rose-Hill, Ile Maurice: Éditions de L'Océan Indien, 1991. 292pp. illus. (color), ports. ND1099.5.M38D43p 1991 AFA. OCLC 25841680.

The coastal city of Port-Louis on the island of Mauritius attracts painters who are captivated by its waterfront, the volcanic mountains rising sharply as a backdrop, the narrow streets and open-air markets, the colonial architecture, and the tropical light. Thirteen painters, interviewed here, show and tell what Port-Louis has meant in their work. They are: Serge Constantin, Roger Charoux, Yves David, Jocelyn Thomasse, Marcel Lagesse, Fabien Cango, Elsie Britter, France Staub, Hervé de Cotter, Moorthy Nagalingum, Geneviève Leclézio, Monique de la Vallée Poussin, and Osman Jeewa.

Reviewed by Mark Delancey in African book publishing record (Oxford) 18 (2): 111, 1992.